Congratulations to the following faculty who have been selected for IBM Faculty awards granted in 2017 to date. The Faculty Awards are cash-only awards to:

  • Foster collaboration between researchers at leading universities worldwide and those in IBM research, development and services organizations
  • Promote courseware and curriculum innovation to stimulate growth in disciplines and geographies that are strategic to IBM.

Note: Information listed is by expressed permission of the faculty

Big Data / Analytics
Name University Project Title
Jones-Farmer, Allison Miami University Continuing work under the IBM CIO and Center for Data Analytics partnership
Liu, Chi Beijing Institute of Technology Real-time Machine Learning by UAVs and LinuxONE Community Cloud
Wu, Teresa Arizona State University Quantitative analysis of air pollution impact on public health

Name University Project Title
Che, Haiying Beijing Institute of Technology Block chain joint projects and curriculum development

Name University Project Title
Chu, Dianhui Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai Research on Smart Pension Services Computing in China 
Fonseca, Rodrigo Brown University A Tracing Plane for Generic, End-to-End Visibility in OpenWhisk 
Liu, Chi Beijing Institute of Technology Hadoop Optimal Resource Scheduling on LinuxONE Community Cloud
Menzies, Tim North Carolina State University Automated Software Engineering advances for Enterprises 
Urgaonkar, Bhuvan Pennsylvania State University An exploration of wimpy virtual resource offerings for Bluemix
Zhao, Yuming Shanghai Jiaotong University HACKxSJTU — Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Hackathon

Cognitive Computing
Name University Project Title
Badinelli, Ralph Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Next generation cognitive curriculum and events/students projects
Bozkurt, Alper North Carolina State University Increasing the success of a guide dog raising program using IBM BlueMix and Watson
Darwin, Solomon University of California Berkeley Next generation cognitive curriculum and events/student projects
Fahmy, Suhaib University of Warwick FPGA Overlays for Adaptable Machine Learning Acceleration
Franklin, Elaine North Carolina State University IBM Kenan Fellow: Wearable Devices & Big Data
Freund, Louis San Jose State University Cognitive cloud for smart service system innovation engineering center – events/student projects
Nagao, Katashi Nagoya University Meeting Analytics: Creative Activity Support by Knowledge Discovery from Discussions
Oakes, Joseph Pennsylvania State University - Abington Advancing Autonomous Pet Design at Penn State Abington
Ogata, Tetsuya Waseda University Achieving Robot-Behavior Adaptability Utilizing Deep Learning Model
Pan, Jeff University of Aberdeen Large-Scale Knowledge Graph Construction and Reasoning in Cognitive Systems
Rao, Weixiong Tongji University Research and Curriculum Development of Big Data Cognitive Analysis by Watson Explorer
Roberts, Dave North Carolina State University Leveraging IBM BlueMix and Watson to Improve Outcomes in Guide Dog Puppy Raising Programs
Velardi, Paola Sapienza Universita di Roma Semantic Recommender for Everything and All (SERENA)
Wang, William University of California, Santa Barbara Multimodal Relation Extraction and Question Answering
Watson, Benjamin North Carolina State University But How do I Talk to it? Structuring Human-ML Interaction with Qualitative Coding

Core Technologies
Name University Project Title
Gao, Guangyu Beijing Institute of Technology Large Scale Short Video Dataset Construction with LinuxOne
Lin, Ting Beijing Institute of Technology Talent Cultivation Base Construction in IBM Mainframe Excellence Center and Ecosystem Development
Liu, Yunhao Tsinghua University ACM Turing 50th Anniversary 
Sewell, Peter University of Cambridge Power Architecture memory model clarification/rewrite and pre-silicon test tool.

Cyber Security
Name University Project Title
Rizvi, Syed Pennsylvania State University - Altoona Hybrid Security System/Program for Securing Automobile Networks – Phase II

Name University Project Title
Woods, David Ohio State University Accelerating agility in systems operations: SNAFU Catching

Internet of Things
Name University Project Title
Schlake, Bryan Pennsylvania State University - Altoona Low-Cost Electronic Inspection and Tracking System for Railroad Freight Cars