Congratulations to the following faculty who have been selected for IBM Faculty awards granted in 2015.  The Faculty Awards are cash-only awards to:

Note: Information listed is by expressed permission of the faculty

Big Data / Analytics
Abraham, Chon College of William and Mary 1) Analytics of Health Services Delivery: AND 2) Cognitive Cyber Defense in Health Services
Belanger, David Stevens Institute of Technology Systems of Data
Borgonovo,Emanuele Bocconi University Neural Newtorks, Regression Trees and the Robust Identification of Key drivers in Complex Computational Codes
Brown, Don University of Virginia Data as an Organization Asset
Bulut, Ahmet Istanbul Sehir University A Framework for Holistic Event Analysis in a Big Data Ecosystem
Byrd, Greg North Carolina State University Acceleration of Big Data Applications on POWER8
Cha, Steve Swansea University Smarter Cities for a Safer Planet and the Internet of Things
Chen, Jian Tsinghua University Big data enablement on supply chain risk management in China market
Cheung, Ying Kuen Columbia University Behavioral modeling through adaptive randomization for optimal mobile intervention
Chirkova,Rada North Carolina State University Investigation of detecting and improving data readiness on the IBM Power Platform
Crumbly, Jack Tuskegee University The impact of Big Data Analytics on Supply Chain Network Processes
Devetsikiotis, Mike North Carolina State University Developing and modeling a prototype smart system of engagement
Diamond, Sara OCAD University Developing sustainable cities with varied stakeholders using visual analytics
Ding,Gangyi Beijing Institute of Technology Low Carbon Analytics and Trading System in China
Fryer, Roland Harvard University Next Generation Education
Fu, Haohuan Tsinghua University Powering Reserve Time Migration through Heterogeneous OpenPOWER Platforms
Gao, Yan Tongji University Efficiency improvement for renewable energy prediction
Gao, Zhen University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Supporting Techniques and System Implementation of Highly Consumable Business Analytics System
Hao, Liaogang Southwest Jiaotong University Smart Retail in the Age of Big Data
He, Jingrui Arizona State University Deep Heterogeneous Models for Cost Reduction in Process Optimization
Heil, Margaret North Carolina State University Computer Science Senior Design Center
Hollar, Seth North Carolina State University Networking Platform for Automated Vehicle Transit
Hongfei, Fan Tongji University Highly Consumable Business Analytics: Architectures, Techniques and Solutions
Huang, Jie Tongji University Protein Goggle, an efficient Bioinformatics solution through Heterogeneous OpenPOWER Platforms
Huang, Jie Tongji University CDUG Ecosystem 2015
Jia, Jianmin Lau, Kinnam Chinese University of Hong Kong A100 Program
Jones-Farmer, Allison Miami University IBM/CADS Data Analytics Project
Krim, Hamid North Carolina State University Towards a Unified Platform for Analytics
Liu, Yan University of Southern California Customer Persona Creation using Large-scale Spatial-Temporal Data
Luedtke, James University of Wisconsin-Madison Advanced techniques for stochastic integer programming
Malloy, Alisha North Caroina Central University Internet2 Net+ VCL Project Service Validation Project - NCCU
Malony, Allen University of Oregon OpenPOWER performance measurement using the Tuning and Analysis Utilities (TAU)
Mandrioli, Dino Politecnico di Milano Parallel analysis of Big Data
Miltgen, Caroline Lancelot AUDENCIA School of Management Perceived value, risks and conditions of acceptance of in-store technologies
Misra, Veena North Carolina State University For sensor-based IoT related teaching and research using Bluemix and SoftLayer services
Pandey, Gaurav Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Harnessing the diversity of solutions in crowdsourced-based Challenges
Perakis, Georgia Massachusetts Institute of Technology Personalized Bundle and Price Recommendations
Quintarelli, Elisa Politecnico di Milano SOFIA: Semi-autOmatic Financial Information Analytics
Raileanu, Silviu University Politehnica of Bucharest IBM ILOG CPLEX constraint programming optimization of manufacturing resource scheduling
Rao, Weixiong Tongji University Unified Hybrid Data Processing Engine for DB2 on zOS
Self, Richard University of Derby Big Data & Analytics EdCon 2015
Siladi, Vladimir Matej Bel University IBM BI4 UMB (IBM Business Intelligence for IBM)
Skiera, Bernd Goethe University Gaining customer Insights through Big Data Analytics (together with ING DiBa)
Streck, John North Carolina State University Investigation of new data ingestion technique as part of data readiness on the IBM Power Platform
Sun, Ping Tongji University Multiple Consistency Group Advisor (MCGA)
Trivedi, Kishor Duke University Enhancing System Health Check tools to detect Software Aging and identify Mandelbugs
Uprichard, Emma University of Warwick Big Data and Real Time Analytics: Ethics and Data Linkage
Wang Haiying Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Prediction of PM2.5 using Deep Belief Networks
Yeoh, William Deakin University Watson Analytics Worldwide Inter-Universities Competition
Yesha, Yaacov University of Maryland, Baltimore County Internet2 Net+ Services Validation project for VCL-SoftLayer
Yu, Ming Tsinghua University Research on energy efficiency based on big data analytics
Zhang, Xingjun Xi'an Jiaotong University Constructing Elastic MOOCs Infrastructure with Software Defined Storage
Zhao, Weidong Fudan University Development Project of Faculty Enablement Kit for IBM U100 Program
Aldinucci, Marco University of Turin Apache Spark Optimization
Butt, Ali R. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Cost-Aware Cloud Monitoring and Metering
Dwolatzky, Barry University of the Witwatersrand 1.Bluemix and Watson in support of digital innovation and entrepreneurship
Gandhi, Anshul Stony Brook University AutoScaling for Cloud Applications
Gao, Guangyu Beijing Institute of Technology Developer Community Cloud on z Systems in Beijing Institute of Technology
Grant, Donna North Caroina Central University V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. in the Cloud through K-12 Partnership Relationships
Gupta, Rachana North Carolina State University In-classroom projects in support of the IBM Extreme Red Cloud
Hachem, Elie MINES Paris Tech University HPC Cloud: AfterMOOC Cloud
Hromkovic, Juraj ETH Zurich A prototype for CS-0 / CS-1 programming interface in Bluemix
Jones, Paul University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Keeping the Historic Web Alive and Accessible: Preserving and Serving
Klein, Matt Clemson University Extreme Orange
Kono, Kenji Keio University Virtualizing and Migrating GPU for the Cloud
Kraemer, Eileen Clemson University Extreme Orange
Liu, Chi Beijing Institute of Technology Performance Analysis of Apache Spark on System z
Manaris, Bill College of Charleston JythonMusic in Bluemix: Creative Programming for the Masses
Martin, Jim Clemson University Extreme Orange
McGregor, John Clemson University Virtual Integration for the Internet of Things
Monroy, Ruben Garnica Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Creating databases of citizen participation and its territorial incidence
Reiter, Michael University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Side-channel defense in multi-tenant cloud environments
Rodriguez-Rivera, Gustavo Purdue University Cloud Computing Curriculum in Computer Science
Shen, Helen Clemson University Towards Green Transportation: A Cloud-based Hierarchical Network for Vehicle Velocity Optimization
Sichitiu, Mihail North Carolina State University Sensor Network Collection for Bluemix
Smith, Philip Ohio State University Digital Resilience In Vital Infrastructure
Turchek, John Robert Morris University IBM Enterprise Systems Curriculum
Urgaonkar, Bhuvan Pennsylvania State University Cost-Effective Resource Procurement Techniques for Tenants of Cloud Computing
Woods, David Ohio State University Digital Resilience In Vital Infrastructure
Cognitive Computing
Aroyo, Lora Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Development and delivery of a Watson University Course (cognitive computing).
Benatallah, Boualem University of New South Wales Cognitive BPM
Boracchi, Giacomo Politecnico di Milano Anomaly Detection in Anatomical Brain Images by Sparse Representations
Bozkurt, Alper North Carolina State University Wearable Sensors for IoT using Bluemix and SoftLayer
Crittenden, Camille University of California Berkeley (CITRIS) Bluemix and Cognitive Computing for innovative research and start-ups.
De Raedt, Luc University of Leuven - KU Leuven Solving Combinatorics and Probability Problems in Natural Language
Demirkan, Haluk University of Washington - Tacoma Enabling Smart Cities with Cognitive Assistance Framework
Demirkan, Haluk University of Washington - Tacoma Deep Analytics and Deep Learning: Leveraging Watson’s Deep Thinking and Smart Services for Personalized Recommendations
Feng, Yansong Peking University Question Answering for Green Horizon
Finin, Tim University of Maryland Baltimore County Populating Knowledge Bases with Information Extracted from Text Documents
Goel, Ashok Georgia Institute of Technology Cognitive Systems for Biologically Inspired Design
Greiner, Russell PUniversity of Alberta Machine-learning approaches to characterizing mental disorders using fMRI data
Ji, Linong Peking University People's Hospital Cognitive Decision Intelligence for Healthcare
Larson, Richard Massachusetts Institute of Technology Outreach – Smart Service Systems
Liberti, Leo Ecole Polytechique Creation of a Cognitive Computing IBM Watson syllabus at Ecole Polytechnique
Mandl, Peter Munich University of Applied Sciences Cognitive Computing @ University of Applied Sciences Munich
Moschitti, Alessandro University of Trento Hybrid Knowledge Retrieval for Dialog and Question Answering
Mueller, Rolf Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Neuromorphic network representations of audio signals based on spike times
Mukherjee, Animesh University of Florence Watson and Bluemix Use Cases
Pavone, Francesco Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Word senses to entity roles: Mining scopes from big data
Porter, Bruce University of Texas at Austin A Model Curriculum for Cognitive Computing for University Courses
Rafaeli, Anat Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Emotion in Twitter Service Interactions between Customers and Service Agents
Rontani, Damien CentraleSupelec Physical Foundations for Neuromorphic Computation
Rouse, William Stevens Institute of Technology Human Interaction With Autonomous Service Systems
Semeraro, Giovanni University Bari Deep Learning to boost Cognitive Question Answering
Valerdi, Ricardo University of Arizona Teaching Watson Moneyball
Wan, Xiaojun Peking University Automatic Dialogue Generation using Deep Learning
Wang, Liwei Peking University Machine Learning for Watson Question Answering(QA)
Wang, Yaodong Washington University in St. Louis Joint PhD Training Program on Cognitive Computing
Wang, Yong Harbin Institute of Technoloogy Large-Scale, Multi-Modality Medical Imaging Pipeline for Functional and Microstructural Computation Based on Power8 High Performance Computing Environments
Xia, Fei University of Washington Bootstrapping NLP systems for low-resource languages
Xie, Bing Peking University Cognitive Decision Intelligence for Healthcare
Yablonsky, Sergey St. Petersburg State University Cloud Analytics
Core Technologies
Agonafer, Dereje University of Texas at Arlingfton Effect of data center temperature and humidity on information technology equipment reliability
Albertson, Lance Oregon State University OpenPOWER University Challenge – 2015 Phase 2
Alivisatos, Paul University of California Berkeley EUV Photoresist Fundamentals
Antonakopoulos, Theodore University of Patras Associative Memory in Distributed Storage Systems (AMeDiS)
Appenzeller, Joerg Purdue University Improved Spintronic devices
Byrd, Greg North Carolina State University Acceleration of Business Analytics using POWER and CAPI
Corridori, Angelo Marist College Enterprise Computing – Hands On! (Echo!) iBook
Cressler, John Georgia Institute of Technology Optimizing SiGe technology for Enabling Internet-of-Things Applications
Gloster, Clay North Carolina A & T University Fostering Impactful IT Project Experiences Using zLinux and Open Source
Govindaraju, Madhusudhan SUNY at Binghamton Use CAPI on Power8 system to provide high performance solution for the attached devices.
Hardiman, Howard North Carolina A & T University Fostering Impactful IT Project Experiences Using zLinux and Open Source
Hubicka, Jan Charles University in Prague GCC Compiler Optimizations for POWER
Ma, Tso-ping Yale University FEDRAM: A Capacitor-less DRAM for Embedded Technology
Mishchenko, Alan University of California Berkeley ABC Logic Optimization Engine for System Level Synthesis
Mishra, Prabhat University of Florida Leveraging Pre-Silicon Efforts for Efficient Post-Silicon Validation and Debug
Randles, Amanda Duke University Optimizing Large-scale Models of Hemodynamics in the Human Vasculature
Sammakia, Bahgat SUNY at Binghamton Maximizing the energy gains through containment
Tseng, Jane National Taiwan University Toward a Cognitive System for Accelerated Discovery of Polymers - Recognition of Semantic Expressions for Polymers
Wagner, Sigurd Princeton University Plasma-CVD of amorphous silicon layers for advanced heterojunction devices
Cyber Security
Ganesh, Vijay University of Waterloo String solvers for mobile and cloud security/td>
Skarmeta, Antonio Universidad de Murcia ASPECT4IoT
Internet of Things
Viniotis, Yannis North Carolina State University IoT related teaching and research using Bluemix and SoftLayer services
Mobile / Social
Choudhury, Romit Roy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Smartwatch based Gesture Recognition and its Applications to Orthopedic Recovery
Conover, David Connally High School Mods to Minecraft
Hong, Jason Carnegie Mellon University UniAuth: Streamlining Authentication for Pervasive Computing
Tim Hunter University of Connecticut Birch Box – digital discovery box delivering targeted innovations to consumers
Tim Hunter University of Connecticut The TAP Project – Explore the innovator/developer journey for innovations 
Smarter Planet / Cities
Berrone, Pascual IESE Business School of Univ. of Navarra Smart Governance: How to make Smart Cities work
Chu, Dianhui Harbin Institute of Technology Build solutions based on IBM analytics technology
Freund, Louis San Jose State University Innovation Center for T shaped graduates
Grijalva, Carlos (Santiago) Georgia Institute of Technology Real-Time Energy Management Advisory System (EMAS)
Hambaba, Ahmed San Jose State University SJSU Innovation Design Center (IDC)
Huo, Deming Peking University The conceptual framework of IT Economics
Kwan, Steve San Jose State University Smart Service System Design
Lalanda, Philippe University Joseph Fourier Software platform for the development and execution of pervasive applications.
Lieberman-Aiden, E Rice University OpenPOWER University Contest – 2015
Liu, Tsai Lu North Carolina State University Spatial UX
Lucic, Richard Duke University Technology Services Support for Diversity in Computer Science Education
Oriolo, Gianpaolo Universita di Tor Vergata Robust route planners for public transport
Rodger, Susan Duke University Increasing Diversity in Computer Science Through Teachers in Secondary Schools