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Choose java or Shockwave Flash to view our GMR animations

From this page, you can view an animated simulation of an MR and GMR head inside a hard disk drive (GMR 101). Please choose to view our exciting animation of GMR using either java or Macromedia's Shockwave Flash plugin. We recommend that you use a Pentium-90 with 16 megabytes of RAM or greater.

We recommend the Shockwave versions as they run much faster and smoother than the java versions, but we wanted to provide an option for the plugin-averse user.

Click here for Shockwave Flash plugin
Click here to get Shockwave Flash
Click here to view the Java version right now

click here to reload the plugin after the Shockwave installer has completed. You do not need to restart your browser.
After you've installed Shockwave Flash or if you already have it, click below for an exciting MR and GMR simulation!

Go Right to the Action

GMR 101 flash animation
GMR 101 java animation
Advanced GMR animation flash
Advanced GMR animation java

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