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Wendy KelloggWendy A. Kellogg

Wendy A. Kellogg is Manager of Social Computing at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center. Her current work involves designing and studying systems for supporting computer-mediated communication (CMC) in groups and organizations that mesh with social processes. The goal is to design infrastructures for knowledge communities: online conversational systems that support knowledge management and organizational learning and memory. A key element of this work is the design of social proxies: abstract, visual representations of people and their activities to facilitate social processes and interaction online.

Kellogg's work in human-computer interaction (HCI) over the last sixteen years has spanned several areas, including theory, evaluation methods, design, and development. In addition to CMC, current interests include developing metrics for online communities, Internet technologies, pervasive (handheld and wearable) applications, and design methods. Kellogg has participated in the design of systems ranging from advanced research prototypes to commercial products, including Loops, Babble, NetVista™ (IBM's K-12 Internet product for schools), and Easi-Order™ (a commercial application of pervasive technology for Safeway UK). Kellogg has led visionary work in human-computer interaction through the creation of "vision videos," a variety of workshops in HCI, including "cross-cultural issues in human-computer interaction (1992, 1993)," "conceptual analysis of the web (1997)," and "research issues in online communities (1999)," and by facilitating brainstorming sessions for a variety of IBM and non-IBM groups.

Dr. Kellogg holds a B.S. in Psychology with Honors in the Major and College Honors for Academic Excellence, and M.S. and Ph.D.degrees in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Oregon where she held a Predoctoral Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. She is author of numerous papers in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and was co-editor of a millennial special issue of Human-Computer Interaction entitled "New Agendas for Human-Computer Interaction." She recently served as Technical Program Co-Chair for ACM's DIS 2000 (Designing Interactive Systems) conference, and as General Co-Chair for ACM's CSCW 2000 (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work) conference.


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