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James W. Cooper

I am a Research Staff Member in the Information Retrieval and Analysis group. I have been concentrating on building Java user interfaces to enhance the use of our technology. Some of this work falls under the title of Lexical Navigation, our technique for migrating through document and term space within a collection of documents.

My expertise is in

Articles on the IBM Java Web Page

  1. Moving from VB to Java
  2. Using Design Patterns to Simplify Printing in Java 1.1


Recent Books Published

12. Principles of Object Oriented Programming in Java 1.1 (Ventana)
11.  The Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Java (Ventana)
10.  Object Oriented Programming in Visual Basic (Pinnacle)
  9. A Jump Start Course in C++ Programming (with Richard B. Lam)


  1. Is Java for Visual Basic Programmers?, IBM Developer Connection, Volume 12, special edition
  2. Lexical Navigation - Visually Prompted Query Expansion and Refinement. (Presented at ACM Digital Libraries 97, with Roy J. Byrd)
  3. Lexical Navigation- Using Incremental Graph Drawing for Query Refinement (Presented at GraphDrawing 97, with Daniel Tunkelang and Roy J. Byrd)
  4. OBIWAN - A Visual Interface for Prompted Query Refinement, to be presented at HICSS-31, January, 1998

More about me

James W. Cooper, Ph.D.
IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center
PO Box 704
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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