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IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Watsone researchers in laboratory

IBM Researchers in the Watson deep question answering computing system lab are collaborating with medical professionals, universities and service providers to improve patient outcomes.

Established in 1961, the Thomas J. Watson Research Center includes research facilities in Yorktown Heights, New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The center is the headquarters for IBM Research – the largest industrial research organization in the world, with twelve labs on six continents.

The center has been the location of some of the most notable technological and scientific business breakthroughs of the 20th and 21st centuries, including the invention of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), the FORTRAN programming language , the relational database, and the development of copper interconnects.

These discoveries helped create and shape the world’s computing industry, while more recent breakthroughs, including Deep Blue computing systems, breaking the Petaflop barrier, and the introduction of Watson, the deep question answering natural-language computer system, are blazing the computing trails of the future.

The Cambridge lab overlooks the banks of the Charles River and is close to both the Harvard University and MIT campuses and is home to a variety of leading research scientists, designers, and developers.

Many of the researchers in Cambridge are associated with the Collaborative User Experience (CUE) Research Group. CUE merges expertise in human work practices with technological innovation, creating new applications and product enhancements that anticipate and support the collaborative process. The Cambridge lab leads numerous IBM Research programs around social business tools and technologies.

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Meet the director of IBM Research

  • SVP Arvind Krishna

    Arvind Krishna

    Senior Vice President and
    Director of IBM Research

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center — Cambridge

IBM Research's Cambridge labThe lab was founded in 1992 as Lotus Research by IBM Fellow Irene Greif, joining the IBM Research – Thomas J Watson Research Center in 2000. It has been at the forefront of advances in Computer Supported Cooperative Work, publishing numerous scholarly papers, generating patents and transferring technology to products.

The Lab is now home to diverse research groups working on technological innovations affecting people in all walks of life.

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