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Cognitive research

About the IBM Research – Ireland Lab

IBM Research – Ireland was opened in 2011 focusing on big data analytics to improve the ways people and cities interact.  From this we have evolved a broad research program encompassing many approaches to improving the human experience of interacting with complex systems.  Our current emphasis is on Cognitive Technology for the Internet of Things,  Natural Language Processing, and Healthcare.   

We operate under a collaborative environment involving IBM scientists, industries and universities. In 2015, we opened a collaboratory with University College Dublin to advance cognitive and sustainable cities research capabilities. IBM Research – Ireland is also involved in many joint projects including research programs established by the European Union Horizon 2020 and pioneering collaborative projects with clients. Our new THINKLab recently opened welcoming deep dive workshops with clients in a dedicated and immersive environment to discuss and design solutions together.

We are using our broad range of competencies in cognitive IoT, edge computing and cloud, optimization and control, decision science, statistics, machine learning, large-scale modeling, data mining and assimilation, deep semantic reasoning and natural language processing to develop innovative solutions.

We are Hiring!

Researchers come to IBM to make an impact — on industry and on the world.  At IBM Research, you can collaborate with clients, universities and worldwide teams. You can work on multi-disciplinary projects that quickly lead to prototypes or long-term projects that last for years. Whatever you do, you will be in an environment that nurtures some of the most innovative and creative thinkers in the world.

We are interested in candidates with excellent technical skills who are willing to go beyond scientific investigation and follow their work through to impact, by building assets for our products and clients.

Apply for our current open positions.

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Meet the director

  • Wendy Belluomini

    Dr. Wendy Belluomini

    Lab Director,
    IBM Research – Ireland



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Featured Stories

Innovating together

Healthcare image

Advancing Proactive Digital Integrated Care
Our researchers are collaborating with EU H2020 partners to develop an ecosystem to improve and advance home-based integrated care for older adults with chronic diseases. Find out more


TOPAs Cognitive Building

Decision Support Tools For Buildings
Analysing large amounts of data from buildings using a continuous performance auditing approach to uncover hidden patterns and improve their environment, air quality and energy usage.



High Performance Systems dRedbox and Uniserver

High Performance Systems on the Edge
With consortium partners we are developing a new cloud computing server and building a universal micro-server architecture with software ecosystem addressing performance, power consumption and reliability in cloud data centers and edge-computing.


virtual chemistry

Cognitive Chemistry

STFC Hartree and IBM Research - Ireland are developing an integrated data analytics, modelling, and simulation capability addressing a broad variety of chemical and materials problems using High Performance Computing.


innovation award

2016 US-Ireland Research Innovation Award Finalist

Together with VELCO, our researchers have built an energy analytics platform, integrating high-resolution weather forecasts, smart meter data, and grid analytics. Watch the video


Cognitive Solutions

Watch our cognitive solutions videos

Learn more about all our cognitive solutions in care, buildings and cars