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IBM Systems Journal

Real-Time and Event-Based Systems Volume 47, Number 2, 2008 Click to enlarge
SJ 47-2
Due to the growing demands for responsiveness in business processes, command-and-control systems, and embedded systems, the deployment rate of responsive systems is increasing. This issue of the Journal is dedicated to responsive systems, a class of systems that includes real-time and event-based systems. An introductory paper, authored by the issue coordinators, is followed by ten papers that cover platforms, middleware, and development support for responsive systems.
Table of Contents Papers in:        Order No. G321-0169-00
Message from the Vice President of Strategy and Technology, IBM Software Group Dr. Kristof Kloeckner  
Preface A. Birman and J. J. Ritsko p. 195
Responsive systems: An introduction R. F. Berry, P. E. McKenney, and F. N. Parr p. 197
Platforms for responsive systems
Real-time Linux in real time D. Hart, J. Stultz, and T. Ts’o p. 207
The read-copy-update mechanism for supporting real-time applications on shared-memory multiprocessor systems with Linux D. Guniguntala, P. E. McKenney, J. Triplett, and J. Walpole p. 221
Middleware for responsive systems
Toward scalable real-time messaging D. Bauer, L. Garcés-Erice, S. Rooney, and P. Scotton p. 237
Generating real-time complex event-processing applications Y. Magid, D. Oren, D. Botzer, A. Adi, B. Shulman, E. Rabinovich, and M. Barnea p. 251
Pulsar: A resource-control architecture for time-critical service-oriented applications M. Astley, S. Bhola, M. J. Ward, K. Shagin, H. Paz, and G. Gershinsky p. 265
Harmony: Holistic messaging middleware for event-driven systems P. Dube, N. Halim, K. Karenos, M. Kim, Z. Liu, S. Parthasarathy, D. Pendarakis, and H. Yang p. 281
Development support for responsive systems
DRIVE: A tool for developing, deploying, and managing distributed sensor and actuator applications H. Chen, P. B. Chou, N. H. Cohen, S. S. Duri, and C. W. Jung p. 289
Accounting for platform effects in the design of real-time software using model-based methods B. Selic p. 309
Event-processing network model and implementation G. Sharon and O. Etzion p. 321
Patterns for real-world-aware and real-time solutions F. N. Parr and L. Yusuf p. 335
Erratum   p. 351

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