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IBM Systems Journal

Service Science, Management, and Engineering Volume 47, Number 1, 2008 Click to enlarge
SJ 47-1
Recognizing the growing significance of service innovation in the global economy, many in academia and industry have suggested that there is a need for a new science of service systems whose chief goal is the development of efficient and scalable methods for service system analysis, design, implementation, and delivery. This issue presents 14 papers on a variety of aspects of service science, management, and engineering in an effort to help define and promote research in this emerging multidisciplinary field.
Table of Contents Papers in:        Order No. G321-0168-00
Message from the Senior Vice President, Global Business Services Ginni Rometty  
Preface P. P. Maglio, J. Spohrer, D. I. Seidman, and J. J. Ritsko p. 3
Toward a science of service systems
Toward a conceptual foundation for service science: Contributions from service-dominant logic R. F. Lusch, S. L. Vargo, and G. Wessels p. 5
Designing a service science discipline with discipline R. J. Glushko p. 15
Service science: Catalyst for change in business school curricula M. M. Davis and I. Berdrow p. 29
Service science: At the intersection of management, social, and engineering sciences R. C. Larson p. 41
Value-creation in service systems
Complexity of service value networks: Conceptualization and empirical investigation R. C. Basole and W. B. Rouse p. 53
Service system fundamentals: Work system, value chain, and life cycle S. Alter p. 71
Estimating value in service systems: A case study of a repair service system N. S. Caswell, C. Nikolaou, J. Sairamesh, M. Bitsaki, G. D. Koutras, and G. Iacovidis p. 87
BEAM: A framework for business ecosystem analysis and modeling C. H. Tian, B. K. Ray, J. Lee, R. Cao, and W. Ding p. 101
Studies of service systems
Patterns of innovation in service industries I. Miles p. 115
Business services as communication patterns: A work practice approach for analyzing service encounters R. J. Clarke and A. G. Nilsson p. 129
Legal research topics in user-centric services O. Pitkänen, P. Virtanen, and J. Kemppinen p. 143
Managed service paradox N. Leon and A. Davies p. 153
Improving service delivery through integrated quality initiatives: A case study J. Hickey and J. Siegel p. 167
Predicting customer choice in services using discrete choice analysis R. Verma, G. R. Plaschka, B. Hanlon, A. Livingston, and K. Kalcher p. 179

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