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IBM Systems Journal

Model-Driven Software Development Volume 45, Number 3, 2006 Click to enlarge
SJ 45-3
Model-driven software development (MDSD) is an emerging technology that promises to introduce significant efficiencies and rigor to the theory and practice of software development. In MDSD, models are used for many purposes, including reasoning about problem and solution domains and documenting the stages of the software life cycle; the result is improved software quality and time-to-value and reduced costs. This issue contains 13 papers describing MDSD's role in software development, several domain-specific implementations, and the standards, processes, and methodologies of MDSD.
Table of Contents Papers in:        Order No. G321-0162-00
Introduction Daniel Sabbah, General Manager, Rational Software, IBM Software Group  
Preface John J. Ritsko and David I. Seidman p. 449
Model-driven development: The good, the bad, and the ugly B. Hailpern and P. Tarr p. 451
A Rational approach to model-driven development A. W. Brown, S. Iyengar, and S. Johnston p. 463
Life-cycle issues
Architectural thinking and modeling with the Architects’ Workbench S. Abrams, B. Bloom, P. Keyser, D. Kimelman, E. Nelson, W. Neuberger, T. Roth, I. Simmonds, S. Tang, and J. Vlissides p. 481
A measurement framework for evaluating model-based test generation tools A. Sinha, C. E. Williams, and P. Santhanam p. 501
Model traceability N. Aizenbud-Reshef, B. T. Nolan, J. Rubin, and Y. Shaham-Gafni p. 515
Processes, methodology, and reuse
Multilevel models in model-driven engineering, product lines, and metaprogramming D. Batory p. 527
Model-driven development: Assets and reuse G. Larsen p. 541
Domain-specific solutions and case studies
Rational Software Architect: A tool for domain-specific modeling D. Leroux, M. Nally, and K. Hussey p. 555
Model-driven systems development L. Balmelli, D. Brown, M. Cantor, and M. Mott p. 569
Model Driven Development for Business Performance Management P. Chowdhary, K. Bhaskaran, N. S. Caswell, H. Chang, T. Chao, S.-K. Chen, M. Dikun, H. Lei, J.-J. Jeng, S. Kapoor, C. A. Lang, G. Mihaila, I. Stanoi, and L. Zeng p. 587
UML 2: A model-driven development tool B. Selic p. 607
Feature-based survey of model transformation approaches K. Czarnecki and S. Helsen p. 621
Technical forum
Using logical data models for understanding and transforming legacy business applications S. Chandra, J. de Vries, J. Field, H. Hess, M. Kalidasan, K. V. Raghavan, F. Nieuwerth, G. Ramalingam, and J. Xue p. 647

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