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IBM Systems Journal

Service-Oriented Architecture Volume 44, Number 4, 2005 Click to enlarge
SJ 44-4
Service-oriented thinking is becoming popular in both the business and the information technology (IT) communities because it holds the promise of interoperability between heterogeneous systems, reuse of components, and flexible and efficient business processes. This issue of the journal contains 12 papers related to service-oriented architectures (SOAs). Topics covered include business aspects of SOAs, the IT development process for SOA implementations, and elements of the SOA infrastructure.
Table of Contents Papers in:        Order No. G321-0159-00
Message from the Vice President, IBM Asset and Integration Technology, Software Group Jason Weisser
Preface John J. Ritsko and Alex Birman p. 651
Business aspects of service-oriented thinking
Impact of service orientation at the business level L. Cherbakov, G. Galambos, R. Harishankar, S. Kalyana, and G. Rackham p. 653
Analysis and simulation of business solutions in a service-oriented architecture M. Kano, A. Koide, T.-K. Liu, and B. Ramachandran p. 669
Impact of service-oriented architecture on enterprise systems, organizational structures, and individuals N. Bieberstein, S. Bose, L. Walker, and A. Lynch p. 691
Developing service-oriented-architecture solutions
Management of the service-oriented-architecture life cycle D. E. Cox and H. Kreger p. 709
Realizing service-oriented solutions with the IBM Rational Software Development Platform A. W. Brown, M. Delbaere, P. Eeles, S. Johnston, and R. Weaver p. 727
Service-oriented architecture: Programming model and product architecture D. F. Ferguson and M. L. Stockton p. 753
Elements of the service-oriented-architecture infrastructure
The Enterprise Service Bus: Making service-oriented architecture real M.-T. Schmidt, B. Hutchison, P. Lambros, and R. Phippen p. 781
Colombo: Lightweight middleware for service-oriented computing F. Curbera, M. J. Duftler, R. Khalaf, W. A. Nagy, N. Mukhi, and S. Weerawarana p. 799
Web Services Navigator: Visualizing the execution of Web Services W. De Pauw, M. Lei, E. Pring, L. Villard, M. Arnold, and J. F. Morar p. 821
Business-driven application security: From modeling to managing secure applications N. Nagaratnam, A. Nadalin, M. Hondo, M. McIntosh, and P. Austel p. 847
Events and service-oriented architecture: The OASIS Web Services Notification specifications P. Niblett and S. Graham p. 869
Formal methods
Models for semantic interoperability in service-oriented architectures G. Vetere and M. Lenzerini p. 887
Contents of Volume 44, 2005   p. 905

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