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Grid Computing

Vol. 43, No. 4, 2004

Order No. G321-0155

Within the last few years grid computing has evolved from a research concept into an important component of information technology, with hundreds of operational grids throughout the world. This issue contains five papers that deal with various aspects of the grid infrastructure, such as security, namespaces, logging, and aggregation of services. The issue also includes a paper on intraGrid, an experimental grid deployed on the IBM intranet, and a tutorial on the evolution of grid architecture. A non-topical paper describes MyMED, a database system for biomedical research.
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Table of contents
Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface John J. Ritsko and Alex Birman p. 622
Evolution of grid computing architecture and grid adoption models J. Joseph, M. Ernest, and C. Fellenstein p. 624
Design and implementation of an enterprise grid D. S. Meliksetian, J.-P. Prost, A. S. Bahl, I. Boutboul, D. P. Currier, S. Fibra, J.-Y. Girard, K. M. Kassab, J.-L. Lepesant, C. Malone, and P. Manesco p. 646
Towards an information infrastructure for the grid S. Bourbonnais, V. M. Gogate, L. M. Haas, R. W. Horman, S. Malaika, I. Narang, and V. Raman p. 665
Abstract interdomain security assertions: A basis for extra-grid virtual organizations B. E. Carpenter and P. A. Janson p. 689
Global namespace for files O. T. Anderson, L. Luan, C. Everhart, M. Pereira, R. Sarkar, and J. Xu p. 702
A Logger System based on Web services B. Horn, H. Balakrishnan, B. T. Maniampadavathu, J. Warnes, and D. A. Elko p. 723
Service domains Y.-S. Tan, V. Vellanki, J. Xing, B. Topol, and G. Dudley p. 734
MyMed: A database system for biomedical research on MEDLINE data K. N. Lewis, M. D. Robinson, T. R. Hughes, and C. W. V. Hogue p. 756
Contents of Volume 43, 2004   p. 768