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Artificial Intelligence

Vol. 41, No. 3, 2002

Order No. G321-0146

Half a century ago, at the dawn of the computer era, predictions were made that by this time we would have thinking machines that would compete in their capabilities with the human mind. Although these goals have not been reached, the field of artificial intelligence has made significant progress, as this issue illustrates. The issue contains 13 papers describing advances in many practical technologies such as data mining, machine learning, and multi-agent systems. In addition, a discussion on machine intelligence and the Turing Test is followed by a road map to future work in artificial intelligence by a group of researchers that includes J. McCarthy, M. Minsky, and A. Sloman.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Message from the Vice President, Services and Software, Research Division Alfred Spector
Preface Se June Hong, John J. Ritsko, and Alex Birman p. 328
Architectures for intelligent systems J. F. Sowa p. 331
ABLE: A toolkit for building multiagent autonomic systems J. P. Bigus, D. A. Schlosnagle, J. R. Pilgrim, W. N. Mills III, and Y. Diao p. 350
Intelligent probing: A cost-effective approach to fault diagnosis in computer networks M. Brodie, I. Rish, and S. Ma p. 372
Using a constraint satisfaction formulation and solution techniques for random test program generation E. Bin, R. Emek, G. Shurek, and A. Ziv p. 386
Using fuzzy control to maximize profits in service level management Y. Diao, J. L. Hellerstein, and S. Parekh p. 403
Automated generation of model cases for help-desk applications S. M. Weiss and C. V. Apte p. 421
A decision-tree-based symbolic rule induction system for text categorization D. E. Johnson, F. J. Oles, T. Zhang, and T. Goetz p. 428
A probabilistic estimation framework for predictive modeling analytics C. V. Apte, R. Natarajan, E. P. D. Pednault, and F. Tipu p. 438
Cross training and its application to skill mining D. A. Oblinger, M. Reid, M. Brodie, and R. de Salvo Braz p. 449
Predictive algorithms in the management of computer systems R. Vilalta, C. V. Apte, J. L. Hellerstein, S. Ma, and S. M. Weiss p. 461
Discovering actionable patterns in event data J. L. Hellerstein, S. Ma, and C.-S. Perng p. 475
Machine learning in a multimedia document retrieval framework M. P. Perrone, G. F. Russell, and A. Ziq p. 494
Applying machine learning to automated information graphics generation M. X. Zhou, S. Ma, and Y. Feng p. 504
Technical forum
p. 524
Machine intelligence and the Turing Test I. Brackenbury and Y. Ravin
An architecture of diversity for commonsense reasoning J. McCarthy, M. Minsky, A. Sloman, L. Gong, T. Lau, L. Morgenstern, E. T. Mueller, D. Riecken, M. Singh, and P. Singh
Books p. 540