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MIT Media Lab

Vol. 35, Nos. 3&4, 1996

Order No. G321-0125
This special double issue is an opportunity for the IBM Systems Journal to celebrate the long and fruitful collaboration between the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and IBM. The Media Lab is a highly innovative and leading force in the creation of new uses of computers that stretch the very meaning of computing in imaginative and unexpected ways. IBM has been a major participant in and sponsor of the Lab since its inception.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface Gene F. Hoffnagle p. 265
Asparagus Soup N. Negroponte p. 266
Post-modern video A. Lippman p. 269
Media Banks: Entertainment and the Internet A. Lippman and R. Kermode p. 272
A society of models for video and image libraries R. W. Picard p. 292
Techniques for data hiding W. Bender, D. Gruhl, N. Morimoto, and A. Liu p. 313
Multimedia based on object models: Some whys and hows V. M. Bove, Jr. p. 337
Computational holographic bandwidth compression M. Lucente p. 349
Community and personalization W. Bender p. 367
Enriching communities: Harbingers of news in the future W. Bender, P. Chesnais, S. Elo, A. Shaw, and M. Shaw p. 369
FramerD: Representing knowledge in the large K. Haase p. 381
For want of a bit the user was lost: Cheap user modeling J. Orwant p. 398
Children's interests in news: On-line opportunities M. Evard p. 417
The Computer Clubhouse: Preparing for life in a digital world M. Resnick and N. Rusk p. 431
Things to think with M. Resnick p. 441
Programmable Bricks: Toys to think with M. Resnick, F. Martin, R. Sargent, and B. Silverman p. 443
Using acoustic structure in a hand-held audio playback device C. Schmandt and D. Roy p. 453
The interactive balloon: Sensing, actuation and behavior in a common object J. A. Paradiso p. 473
Things that blink: Computationally augmented name tags R. Borovoy, M. McDonald, F. Martin, and M. Resnick p. 488
Design of electronic information W. Bender and R. MacNeil p. 497
Experiments in digital graphic design J. F. Musgrave and M. R. Cooper p. 499
Navigating large bodies of text D. Small p. 514
Color as a determined communication N. Jacobson and W. Bender p. 526
Instructible agents: Software that just keeps getting better H. Lieberman and D. Maulsby p. 539
Salient stills: Process and practice M. Massey and W. Bender p. 557
Physics and media N. Gershenfeld p. 575
Signal entropy and the thermodynamics of computation N. Gershenfeld p. 577
Field mice: Extracting hand geometry from electric field measurements J. R. Smith p. 587
Personal Area Networks: Near-field intrabody communication T. G. Zimmerman p. 609
Human-powered wearable computing T. Starner p. 618
Force transduction materials for human-technology intefaces R. Fletcher p. 630
Inertial proproceptive devices: Self-motion-sensing toys and tools C. Verplaetse p. 639
Contents of Volume 35, 1996 p. 651