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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Business Integrity and Risk Management Volume 54, Number 3, 2010
RD 54-3
The increasingly complex and global nature of business enterprises and their activities—which include worldwide supply chains, cross-border financial activity, and services outsourcing—is accompanied by increasing levels of economic uncertainty, global competition, governmental regulatory controls, and use of interdependent information technologies. This issue covers a broad array of domain and non-domain-specific topics and technologies for enhancing business integrity through the provisioning of risk management capabilities. Topics range from enterprise risk management to IT security to the management of power-outage risks.
Table of Contents  

*Papers in progress
Preface* Bonnie Ray and Kevin McAuliffe, Guest Editors  
Three key enablers to successful enterprise risk management* J. von Känel, E. W. Cope, L. A. Deleris, N. Nayak, and R. G. Torok Paper 1
Problems with scoring methods and ordinal scales in risk assessment* D. Hubbard and D. Evans Paper 2
A risk-metric framework for enterprise risk management* S. N. Foley and H. Moss Paper 3
Incorporating risk into business process models* E. W. Cope, J. M. Küster, D. Etzweiler, L. A. Deleris, and B. Ray Paper 4
Firm objectives, IT alignment, and information security* E. E. Anderson Paper 5
Causal networks for risk and compliance: Methodology and application* A. Elisseeff, J.-P. Pellet, and E. Pratsini Paper 6
Service operations classification for risk management* F. Shafti, T. Bedford, L. A. Deleris, J. R. M. Hosking, N. Serban, H. Shen, and L. Walls Paper 7
A statistical model for risk management of electric outage forecasts* H. Li, L. A. Treinish, J. R. M. Hosking Paper 8
Risk-adjusted analysis for allocating investments in product development* D. Subramanian, P. Huang, C. Pulavarthi, J. Xu, H. Sekhar, S. Zhan, S. Tripathi, and S. Kumar Paper 9
Management of disruption risk in global supply chains* R. L. Dillon and J. B. Mazzola Paper 10

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