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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Business Value through Software Development Volume 54, Number 2, 2010
RD 54-2
Software is strategically central to all businesses today; thus, businesses must understand, measure, and manage the value provided by software development and delivery. Businesses must also be aware of the risks involved in developing software. This issue contains five papers on the topics of project portfolio management, team practices, software development processes, and risk identification and management. The issue also includes three non-topical papers. The first discusses enterprise data management in financial markets. The second describes improved data-detection techniques for tape storage. The last paper provides a survey of hardware designs for decimal arithmetic in computing systems.
Table of Contents  
Preface Clay Williams and Murray Cantor, Guest Editors, and John J. Ritsko, Editor-in-Chief  
Small software organizations need explicit project portfolio management J. Vähäniitty, K. Rautiainen, and C. Lassenius Paper 1
IT project portfolio optimization: A risk management approach to software development governance I. R. Bardhan, R. J. Kauffman, and S. Naranpanawe Paper 2
Agile methods for software practice transformation E. V. Woodward, R. Bowers, V. S. Thio, K. Johnson, M. Srihari, and C. J. Bracht Paper 3
Effective management of roles and responsibilities: Driving accountability in software development teams Y. Dubinsky, A. Yaeli, and A. Kofman Paper 4
Identifying trouble patterns in complex IT services engagements K. Ratakonda, R. Williams, J. Bisceglia, R. W. Taylor, J. Graham Paper 5

Non-topical papers

Industry models for enterprise data management in financial markets J. G. Carney Paper 6
Adaptive noise-predictive maximum-likelihood (NPML) data detection for magnetic tape storage systems E. Eleftheriou, S. Ölçer, and R. A. Hutchins Paper 7
A survey of hardware designs for decimal arithmetic L.-K. Wang, M. A. Erle, C. Tsen, E. M. Schwarz, and M. J. Schulte Paper 8

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