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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Network-Optimized Computing Volume 54, Number 1, 2010
RD 54-1
With the proliferation of broadband and wireless networks, we are entering an era in which many computing systems are network connected. Network-optimized computing provides a key technology and requires the optimization of all computational infrastructure resources—such as servers, storage devices, interconnection fabric, routers, and appliances, and their corresponding software stacks—to achieve optimum cost, power, utilization, and management of the workload. Topics for this diverse issue range from applications of network-optimized computing systems and exploitation of heterogeneous multicore-processor systems to an introduction to the IBM wire-speed processor.
Table of Contents  
Preface P. Pattnaik and S. Daijavad, Guest Editors  
Workload and network-optimized computing systems D. P. LaPotin, S. Daijavad, C. L. Johnson, S. W. Hunter, K. Ishizaki, H. Franke, H. D. Achilles, D. P. Dumarot, N. A. Greco, and B. Davari Paper 1
Exploiting heterogenous multicore-processor systems for high-performance network processing H. Franke, T. Nelms, H. Yu, H. D. Achilles, and R. Salz Paper 2
Introduction to the wire-speed processor and architecture H. Franke, J. Xenidis, C. Basso, B. M. Bass, S. S. Woodward, J. D. Brown, and C. L. Johnson Paper 3
Wireless network cloud: Architecture and system requirements Y. Lin, L. Shao, Z. Zhu, Q. Wang, and R. K. Sabhikhi Paper 4
SoftRDMA: Implementing iWARP over TCP kernel sockets F. D. Neeser, B. Metzler, and P. W. Frey Paper 5
Asymmetric flow control for data transfer in hybrid computing systems F. Iorio, K. Müller, A. Castelfranco, O. Callanan, and T. Sanuki Paper 6
SIP server performance on multicore systems C. P. Wright, E. M. Nahum, D. Wood, J. M. Tracey, and E. C. Hu Paper 7
Aggregating REST requests to accelerate Web 2.0 applications M. Ohara Paper 8
A software WiMAX medium access control layer using massively multithreaded processors M. Chetlur, U. Devi, P. Dutta, P. Gupta, L. Chen, Z. Zhu, S. Kalyanaraman, and Y. Lin Paper 9
VoIP performance on multicore platforms Z. Zhu, L. Chen, Y. Lin, L. Shao Paper 10

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