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IBM Journal of Research and Development

IBM z10 System Volume 53, Number 1, 2009 Click to enlarge
RD 53-1
The IBM System z10 Enterprise Class server is a powerful mainframe system offering increased power efficiency, improved price/performance ratio, and expanded range of business solutions. It delivers high scalability for growth and large-scale consolidation, high availability to reduce risk and improve flexibility, and enhanced security. The 17 papers in this issue describe the design, testing, and verification of the z10 microprocessor, the I/O subsystem, and the packaging design of the central electronic complex. System software and performance are described in papers dealing with reliability, availability, and serviceability, autonomic capability and active resource monitoring, capacity-on-demand advancements, and performance improvements derived through novel software and hardware synergy.
Table of Contents Papers in: PDF  
IBM z10 System
Message from the Vice President, System Z Program Management and the Vice President, System Z Operating System Development Cyril Price and Carla Shultis  
Preface Tom McPherson and Robert Wallner, Guest Editors  
The z10 microprocessor
Design and microarchitecture of the IBM System z10 microprocessor C.-L. K. Shum, F. Busaba, S. Dao-Trong, G. Gerwig, C. Jacobi, T. Koehler, E. Pfeffer, B. R. Prasky, J. G. Rell, and A. Tsai 1
IBM System z10 processor cache subsystem microarchitecture P. Mak, C. R. Walters, and G. E. Strait 2
Functional verification of the IBM System z10 processor chipset C. A. Krygowski, D. G. Bair, R. M. Gott, M. H. Decker, A. V. Giri, C. Habermann, M. Heizmann, S. Letz, W. J. Lewis, S. M. Licker, H. Mallar, E. C. McCain, W. Roesner, N. Siddique, A. E. Seigler, B. W. Thompto, K. Weber, and R. Winkelmann 3
Decimal floating-point support on the IBM System z10 processor E. M. Schwarz, J. S. Kapernick, and M. F. Cowlishaw 4
System packaging and I/O
Structural and functional test of IBM System z10 chips G. Salem, D. W. Wittig, T. G. Foote, B. J. Robbins, C. Hirko, D. O. Forlenza, F. Motika, J. A. Kyle, M. P. Kusko, O. P. Forlenza, R. J. Frishmuth, R. Yaari, S. Michnowski, and U. Baur 5
IBM System z10 I/O subsystem E. W. Chencinski, M. A. Check, C. DeCusatis, H. Deng, M. Grassi, T. A. Gregg, M. M. Helms, A. D. Koenig, L. Mohr, K. Pandey, T. Schlipf, T. Schober, H. Ulrich, and C. R. Walters 6
Design and verification of the IBM System z10 I/O subsystem chips T. Schlipf, M. M. Helms, J. Ruf, M. Klein, R. Dorsch, B. Hoppe, W. Lipponer, S. Boekholt, T. Röwer, M. Walz, and S. Junghans 7
IBM System z10 Open Systems Adapter Ethernet data router H. M. Haynie, J. M. Turner, J. C. Hanscom, M. Cadigan, Jr., N. Hadzic, D. Di Genova, J. Aylward, S. W. Salisbury, P. Sciuto, T. D. Needham, C. E. Bubb, and R. B. Tremaine 8
Packaging design of the IBM System z10 Enterprise Class platform central electronic complex J. G. Torok, F. E. Bosco, W. L. Brodsky, E. F. Furey, G. F. Goth, D. J. Kearney, J. J. Loparco, M. T. Peets, K. L. Pizzolato, D. W. Porter, G. Ruehle, and W. H. White 9
Packaging design challenges of the IBM System z10 Enterprise Class server T.-M. Winkel, H. Harrer, D. Kaller, J. Supper, D. M. Dreps, K. L. Christian, D. Cosmadelis, T. Zhou, T. Strach, J. Ludwig, and D. L. Edwards 10
Systems software and performance
IBM System z10 design for RAS W. J. Clarke, L. C. Alves, T. J. Dell, H. Elfering, J. P. Kubala, C. Lin, M. J. Mueller, and K. Werner 11
IBM System z10 firmware simulation S. Koerner, A. Kohler, J. Babinsky, H. Pape, F. Eickhoff, S. Kriese, and H. Elfering 12
Autonomic computing and IBM System z10 active resource monitoring T. B. Mathias and P. J. Callaghan 13
Power and thermal monitoring for the IBM System z10 A. Bieswanger, M. Andres, J. J. Van Heuklon, T. B. Mathias, H. Osterndorf, S. A. Piper, and M. R. Vanderwiel 14
Capacity on Demand advancements on the IBM System z10 C. Axnix, J. R. Birtles, M. Groetzner, F. Hardt, K.-J. Kuehl, V. M. Lourenco, C. Mayer, J. Probst, H. Sinram, M. Stock, and B. D. Valentine 15
IBM System z10 performance improvements with software and hardware synergy K. M. Jackson, M. A. Wisniewski, D. Schmidt, U. Hild, S. Heisig, P. C. Yeh, and W. Gellerich 16
IBM System z10 support for large pages E. Tzortzatos, J. Bartik, and P. Sutton 17

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