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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Soft Errors in Circuits and Systems Volume 52, Number 3, 2008 Click to enlarge
RD 52-3
Radiation can cause transistors to change their state and induce soft errors in computers. As transistor density and performance of CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) devices increase, the reduced transistor size and low-power operation of the devices require that greater emphasis be placed on the understanding and control of soft errors in devices, circuits, and final system applications. The nine papers in this issue highlight the current understanding of the soft error rate (SER) in CMOS devices, circuits, and servers. The role of alpha-particles (helium nuclei), mitigation strategies, physics-based nuclear models, device design, treatment of experimental data, and strategies for reducing SERs in complex servers are described and reviewed.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0255-00
Soft Errors in Circuits and Systems
Message from the Vice President, Science and Technology, IBM Research Division T.-C. Chen
Preface D. F. Heidel, J. Hergenrother, and K. P. Rodbell, Guest Editors p. 223
Alpha-particle-induced upsets in advanced CMOS circuits and technology D. F. Heidel, K. P. Rodbell, E. H. Cannon, C. Cabral, Jr., M. S. Gordon, P. Oldiges, and H. H. K. Tang p. 225
SEMM-2: A new generation of single-event-effect modeling tools H. H. K. Tang p. 233
New simulation methodology for effects of radiation in semiconductor chip structures H. H. K. Tang, C. E. Murray, G. Fiorenza, K. P. Rodbell, M. S. Gordon, and D. F. Heidel p. 245
Circuit design and modeling for soft errors A. KleinOsowski, E. H. Cannon, P. Oldiges, and L. Wissel p. 255
Single-event-upset and alpha-particle emission rate measurement techniques M. S. Gordon, K. P. Rodbell, D. F. Heidel, C. Cabral, Jr., E. H. Cannon, and D. D. Reinhardt p. 265
Soft-error resilience of the IBM POWER6 processor P. N. Sanda, J. W. Kellington, P. Kudva, R. Kalla, R. B. McBeth, J. Ackaret, R. Lockwood, J. Schumann, and C. R. Jones p. 275
Soft-error resilience of the IBM POWER6 processor input/output subsystem C. Bender, P. N. Sanda, P. Kudva, R. Mata, V. Pokala, R. Haraden, and M. Schallhorn p. 285
Phaser: Phased methodology for modeling the system-level effects of soft errors J. A. Rivers, P. Bose, P. Kudva, J.-D. Wellman, P. N. Sanda, E. H. Cannon, and L. C. Alves p. 293
System RAS implications of DRAM soft errors T. J. Dell p. 307

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