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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Cell Broadband Engine Technology and Systems Volume 51, Number 5, 2007 Click to enlarge
RD 51-5
The Cell Broadband Engine (or Cell/B.E.) is a revolutionary extension of conventional processor organization that provides power-efficient and cost-effective high-performance processing for a wide range of applications. This issue includes eight papers that provide descriptions of the Cell/B.E. Architecture, advanced security schemes, design and implementation of the Cell/B.E. using 90-nm and 65-nm CMOS silicon-on-insulator (SOI) processes, computational examples illustrating enhanced performance, Cell/B.E. blade server technology and applications, speech recognition, and software to automatically exploit the superscalar nature of the Cell/B.E. A nontopical review paper on polymer self assembly is also included.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0252-00
Cell Broadband Engine technology and systems
Preface H. P. Hofstee and A. K. Nanda, Guest Editors, J. J. Ritsko, Editor-in-Chief p. 501
Introduction to the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture C. R. Johns and D. A. Brokenshire p. 503
Cell Broadband Engine processor vault security architecture K. Shimizu, H. P. Hofstee, and J. S. Liberty p. 521
Microarchitecture and implementation of the synergistic processor in 65-nm and 90-nm SOI B. Flachs, S. Asano, S. H. Dhong, H. P. Hofstee, G. Gervais, R. Kim, T. Le, P. Liu, J. Leenstra, J. S. Liberty, B. Michael, H.-J. Oh, S. M. Mueller, O. Takahashi, K. Hirairi, A. Kawasumi, H. Murakami, H. Noro, S. Onishi, J. Pille, J. Silberman, S. Yong, A. Hatakeyama, Y. Watanabe, N. Yano, D. A. Brokenshire, M. Peyravian, V. To, and E. Iwata p. 529
Cell Broadband Engine processor: Design and implementation M. W. Riley, J. D. Warnock, and D. F. Wendel p. 545
Cell Broadband Engine Architecture and its first implementation—A performance view T. Chen, R. Raghavan, J. N. Dale, and E. Iwata p. 559
Cell/B.E. blades: Building blocks for scalable, real-time, interactive, and digital media servers A. K. Nanda, J. R. Moulic, R. E. Hanson, G. Goldrian, M. N. Day, B. D. D’Amora, and S. Kesavarapu p. 573
Speech recognition systems on the Cell Broadband Engine processor Y. Liu, H. Jones, S. Vaidya, M. Perrone, B. Tydlitát, and A. K. Nanda p. 583
CellSs: Making it easier to program the Cell Broadband Engine processor J. M. Perez, P. Bellens, R. M. Badia, and J. Labarta p. 593
Regular paper
Polymer self assembly in semiconductor microelectronics C. T. Black, R. Ruiz, G. Breyta, J. Y. Cheng, M. E. Colburn, K. W. Guarini, H.-C. Kim, and Y. Zhang p. 605

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