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IBM Journal of Research and Development

IBM System z9 Volume 51, Number 1/2, 2007 Click to enlarge
RD 51-1/2
The IBM System z9 significantly enhances the performance and reliability and increases the functionality of its predecessor, the IBM eServer z990. Its increased levels of virtualization, security, connectivity, and availability are each unprecedented in mainframe servers. Among the topics included in the eighteen papers in this issue of the Journal on System z9 are descriptions of advances in silicon and packaging technologies, improvements in system availability and reliability, reduction of planned system outages, advances in security and encryption, and extensions to virtualization technology.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0250-00
IBM System z9
Message from the Vice President, System z Program Management, IBM Systems and Technology Group Cyril Price
Preface P. R. Turgeon, Guest Editor p. 3
Optimization of silicon technology for the IBM System z9 D. J. Poindexter, S. R. Stiffler, P. T. Wu, P. D. Agnello, T. Ivers, S. Narasimha, T. B. Faure, J. H. Rankin, D. A. Grosch, M. D. Knox, D. C. Edelstein, M. Khare, G. B. Bronner, H.-J. Nam, and S. A. Butt p. 5
Design methods for attaining IBM System z9 processor cycle-time goals G. Mayer, G. Doettling, R. F. Rizzolo, C. J. Berry, S. M. Carey, C. M. Carney, J. Keinert, P. Loeffler, W. Nop, D. E. Skooglund, V. A. Victoria, A. P. Wagstaff, and P. M. Williams p. 19
High-speed interconnect and packaging design of the IBM System z9 processor cage H. Harrer, D. M. Dreps, T.-M. Winkel, W. Scholz, B. G. Truong, A. Huber, T. Zhou, K. L. Christian, and G. F. Goth p. 37
High-speed source-synchronous interface for the IBM System z9 processor D. M. Berger, J. Y. Chen, F. D. Ferraiolo, J. A. Magee, and G. A. Van Huben p. 53
IBM System z9 eFUSE applications and methodology R. F. Rizzolo, T. G. Foote, J. M. Crafts, D. A. Grosch, T. O. Leung, D. J. Lund, B. L. Mechtly, B. J. Robbins, T. J. Slegel, M. J. Tremblay, and G. A. Wiedemeier p. 65
System functional enhancements
zAAPs and zIIPs: Increasing the strategic value of System z L. W. Wyman, J. Castaño, J. P. Kubala, R. J. Maddison, B. R. Pierce, and R. R. Rogers p. 77
Cryptographic system enhancements for the IBM System z9 T. W. Arnold, A. Dames, M. D. Hocker, M. D. Marik, N. A. Pellicciotti, and K. Werner p. 87
Sharing FCP adapters through virtualization J. Srikrishnan, S. Amann, G. Banzhaf, F. W. Brice, R. Dugan, G. R. Frazier, G. P. Kuch, and J. Leopold p. 103
IBM System z9 Open Systems Adapter for Communication Controller for Linux M. Zee, J. W. Stevens, B. L. Thompson, J. A. Fowler, J. Goldman, P. T. Chan, and T. P. McSweeney p. 119
System availability
Enhanced I/O subsystem recovery and availability on the IBM System z9 K. J. Oakes, U. Helmich, A. Kohler, A. W. Piechowski, M. Taubert, J. S. Trotter, J. von Buttlar, and R. M. Whalen, Jr. p. 131
Fully redundant clock generation and distribution with dynamic oscillator switchover M. J. Mueller, U. Weiss, T. Webel, L. C. Alves, W. J. Clarke, M. Strasser, E. Engler, G. Cautillo, H. Osterndorf, and J. Schulze p. 145
Reducing planned outages for book hardware maintenance with concurrent book replacement C. R. Conklin, C. J. Hollenback, C. Mayer, and A. Winter p. 157
Redundant I/O interconnect U. Helmich, M. Becht, M. J. Becht, J. R. Easton, R. K. Errickson, T. Gehrmann, S. G. Glassen, S. R. Greenspan, F. Koeble, H. Lehmann, C. Mayer, J. S. Nikfarjam, F. A. Schumacher, and W. Storz p. 173
Concurrent driver upgrade: Method to eliminate scheduled system outages for new function releases A. Muehlbach, B. D. Valentine, D. Immel, M. S. Bomar, and T. V. Bolan p. 185
Design methodology
Open-standard development environment for IBM System z9 host firmware C. Axnix, T. Hendel, M. Mueller, A. Nuñez Mencias, H. Penner, and S. Usenbinz p. 195
Advanced firmware verification using a code simulator for the IBM System z9 K. Theurich, A. Albus, F. Eickhoff, D. Immel, A. Kohler, E. Lange, and J. von Buttlar p. 207
Decimal floating-point in z9: An implementation and testing perspective A. Y. Duale, M. H. Decker, H.-G. Zipperer, M. Aharoni, and T. J. Bohizic p. 217
Software development
Practical software reuse for IBM System z I/O subsystems A. M. Webb, R. Mansell, J. W. Knight, S. J. Greenspan, and D. B. Emmes p. 229

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