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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Blue Gene Volume 49, Number 2/3, 2005 Click to enlarge
RD 49-2/3
In November 2004, the IBM Blue Gene computer became the fastest supercomputer in the world. Unprecedented performance was achieved in a compact low-power design. The 22 papers contained in this issue present the hardware and software designs, as well as some early applications and performance measurements. All key hardware systems from the compute chip to the full supercomputer are covered. The software architecture and systems are described, and initial work with applications, particularly those for molecular dynamics, is presented.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0243-00
Blue Gene
Message from the Vice President, Systems, IBM Research Division Tilak Agerwala
Preface G. L.-T. Chiu, M. Gupta, and A. K. Royyuru, Guest Editors p. 191
Overview of the Blue Gene/L system architecture A. Gara, M. A. Blumrich, D. Chen, G. L.-T. Chiu, P. Coteus, M. E. Giampapa, R. A. Haring, P. Heidelberger, D. Hoenicke, G. V. Kopcsay, T. A. Liebsch, M. Ohmacht, B. D. Steinmacher-Burow, T. Takken, and P. Vranas p. 195
Packaging the Blue Gene/L supercomputer P. Coteus, H. R. Bickford, T. M. Cipolla, P. G. Crumley, A. Gara, S. A. Hall, G. V. Kopcsay, A. P. Lanzetta, L. S. Mok, R. Rand, R. Swetz, T. Takken, P. La Rocca, C. Marroquin, P. R. Germann, and M. J. Jeanson p. 213
IBM PowerPC 440 FPU with complex-arithmetic extensions C. D. Wait p. 249
Blue Gene/L compute chip: Memory and Ethernet subsystem M. Ohmacht, R. A. Bergamaschi, S. Bhattacharya, A. Gara, M. E. Giampapa, B. Gopalsamy, R. A. Haring, D. Hoenicke, D. J. Krolak, J. A. Marcella, B. J. Nathanson, V. Salapura, and M. E. Wazlowski p. 255
Blue Gene/L torus interconnection network N. R. Adiga, M. A. Blumrich, D. Chen, P. Coteus, A. Gara, M. E. Giampapa, P. Heidelberger, S. Singh, B. D. Steinmacher-Burow, T. Takken, M. Tsao, and P. Vranas p. 265
Blue Gene/L compute chip: Synthesis, timing, and physical design A. A. Bright, R. A. Haring, M. B. Dombrowa, M. Ohmacht, D. Hoenicke, S. Singh, J. A. Marcella, R. F. Lembach, S. M. Douskey, M. R. Ellavsky, C. G. Zoellin, and A. Gara p. 277
Blue Gene/L compute chip: Control, test, and bring-up infrastructure R. A. Haring, R. Bellofatto, A. A. Bright, P. G. Crumley, M. B. Dombrowa, S. M. Douskey, M. R. Ellavsky, B. Gopalsamy, D. Hoenicke, T. A. Liebsch, J. A. Marcella, and M. Ohmacht p. 289
Verification strategy for the Blue Gene/L chip M. E. Wazlowski, N. R. Adiga, D. K. Beece, R. Bellofatto, M. A. Blumrich, D. Chen, M. B. Dombrowa, A. Gara, M. E. Giampapa, R. A. Haring, P. Heidelberger, D. Hoenicke, B. J. Nathanson, M. Ohmacht, R. Sharrar, S. Singh, B. D. Steinmacher-Burow, R. B. Tremaine, M. Tsao, A. R. Umamaheshwaran, and P. Vranas p. 303
Blue Gene/L advanced diagnostics environment M. E. Giampapa, R. Bellofatto, M. A. Blumrich, D. Chen, M. B. Dombrowa, A. Gara, R. A. Haring, P. Heidelberger, D. Hoenicke, G. V. Kopcsay, B. J. Nathanson, B. D. Steinmacher-Burow, M. Ohmacht, V. Salapura, and P. Vranas p. 319
Embedded DRAM: Technology platform for the Blue Gene/L chip S. S. Iyer, J. E. Barth, Jr., P. C. Parries, J. P. Norum, J. P. Rice, L. R. Logan, and D. Hoyniak p. 333
Overview of the QCDSP and QCDOC computers P. A. Boyle, D. Chen, N. H. Christ, M. A. Clark, S. D. Cohen, C. Cristian, Z. Dong, A. Gara, B. Joó, C. Jung, C. Kim, L. A. Levkova, X. Liao, G. Liu, R. D. Mawhinney, S. Ohta, K. Petrov, T. Wettig, and A. Yamaguchi p. 351
Blue Gene/L programming and operating environment J. E. Moreira, G. Almási, C. Archer, R. Bellofatto, P. Bergner, J. R. Brunheroto, M. Brutman, J. G. Castaños, P. G. Crumley, M. Gupta, T. Inglett, D. Lieber, D. Limpert, P. McCarthy, M. Megerian, M. Mendell, M. Mundy, D. Reed, R. K. Sahoo, A. Sanomiya, R. Shok, B. Smith, and G. G. Stewart p. 367
Design and exploitation of a high-performance SIMD floating-point unit for Blue Gene/L S. Chatterjee, L. R. Bachega, P. Bergner, K. A. Dockser, J. A. Gunnels, M. Gupta, F. G. Gustavson, C. A. Lapkowski, G. K. Liu, M. Mendell, R. Nair, C. D. Wait, T. J. C. Ward, and P. Wu p. 377
Design and implementation of message-passing services for the Blue Gene/L supercomputer G. Almási, C. Archer, J. G. Castaños, J. A. Gunnels, C. C. Erway, P. Heidelberger, X. Martorell, J. E. Moreira, K. Pinnow, J. Ratterman, B. D. Steinmacher-Burow, W. Gropp, and B. Toonen p. 393
Blue Gene/L performance tools X. Martorell, N. Smeds, R. Walkup, J. R. Brunheroto, G. Almási, J. A. Gunnels, L. DeRose, J. Labarta, F. Escalé, J. Giménez, H. Servat, and J. E. Moreira p. 407
Resource allocation and utilization in the Blue Gene/L supercomputer Y. Aridor, T. Domany, O. Goldshmidt, J. E. Moreira, and E. Shmueli p. 425
Vectorization techniques for the Blue Gene/L double FPU J. Lorenz, S. Kral, F. Franchetti, and C. W. Ueberhuber p. 437
Science and applications
Early performance data on the Blue Matter molecular simulation framework R. S. Germain, Y. Zhestkov, M. Eleftheriou, A. Rayshubskiy, F. Suits, T. J. C. Ward, and B. G. Fitch p. 447
Scalable framework for 3D FFTs on the Blue Gene/L supercomputer: Implementation and early performance measurements M. Eleftheriou, B. G. Fitch, A. Rayshubskiy, T. J. C. Ward, and R. S. Germain p. 457
Custom math functions for molecular dynamics R. F. Enenkel, B. G. Fitch, R. S. Germain, F. G. Gustavson, A. Martin, M. Mendell, J. W. Pitera, M. C. Pitman, A. Rayshubskiy, F. Suits, W. C. Swope, and T. J. C. Ward p. 465
Overview of molecular dynamics techniques and early scientific results from the Blue Gene project F. Suits, M. C. Pitman, J. W. Pitera, W. C. Swope, and R. S. Germain p. 475
Optimizing task layout on the Blue Gene/L supercomputer G. Bhanot, A. Gara, P. Heidelberger, E. Lawless, J. C. Sexton, and R. Walkup p. 489

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