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Physics of Information

Vol. 48, No. 1, 2004

Order No. G322-0238
This issue of thirteen papers is dedicated to IBM Fellow Charles H. Bennett, whose sixtieth birthday was celebrated by a symposium in his honor in May 2003. His pioneering contributions to the physics of information are commemorated by papers on the fundamental statistical physics of lattice systems, which are representative of the work that arose from his famous resolution of the Maxwell demon paradox, papers on his pioneering work on quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation, and papers on his seminal contributions to the bridging of quantum theory and information processing.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Physics of Information
Preface D. DiVincenzo and N. Amer p. 3
Can complex structures be generically stable in a noisy world? G. Grinstein p. 5
A pedestrian's introduction to spacetime crystallography T. Toffoli p. 13
Five big questions with pretty simple answers E. Fredkin p. 31
The early days of experimental quantum cryptography J. A. Smolin p. 47
Copenhagen computation: How I learned to stop worrying and love Bohr N. D. Mermin p. 53
What is actually teleported? A. Peres p. 63
Is entanglement monogamous? B. M. Terhal p. 71
Illustrating the concept of quantum information R. Jozsa p. 79
TelePOVM—A generalized quantum teleportation scheme G. Brassard, P. Horodecki, and T. Mor p. 87
Picturing qubits in phase space W. K. Wootters p. 99
Some bipartite states do not arise from channels M. B. Ruskai p. 111
The adaptive classical capacity of a quantum channel, or Information capacities of three symmetric pure states in three dimensions P. W. Shor p. 115
Quantum information isomorphism: Beyond the dilemma of the Scylla of ontology and the Charybdis of instrumentalism R. Horodecki, M. Horodecki, and P. Horodecki p. 139