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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Hybrid Computing Systems   Abstract

Accelerating 3D nonrigid registration using the Cell Broadband Engine processor

by J. Rohrer
and L. Gong
Registration or alignment of medical images in clinical applications requires cost-effective high-performance computing. In this paper, we present a parallel design and implementation of a mutual-information-based multiresolution nonrigid registration algorithm that takes advantage of the Cell Broadband Engine® (Cell/B.E.) Architecture by exploiting the different levels of parallelism and optimization strategies. The new method was tested with a dual-processor Cell/B.E. processor-based system. The experiments show an average performance of 1.09 µs per voxel and excellent scalability, demonstrating real-time or near-real-time performance for the computationally demanding task of nonrigid image registration.

Full paper

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