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IBM Technical Journals

Special report: Celebrating 50 years of the IBM Journals
Celebrating 50 years of the IBM Journals
Since the first publication of the IBM Journal of Research and Development in 1957 and the IBM Systems Journal in 1962, these Journals have provided descriptions and chronicles of many important advances in information technology and related topics ranging from atoms to business solutions. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the IBM Journals, this report highlights a selection of significant papers published in the Journals, along with brief commentaries. The Journal editors chose papers which were very highly cited in the technical literature, described technologies of historic significance, or provided an important overview of a field.
Table of Contents
Introduction J. J. Ritsko  
Applications of Information Technology J. J. Ritsko and D. I. Seidman  
Storage Systems and Databases C. A. Pickover  
Computing System Architectures D. I. Seidman  
Computing Methodologies A. Birman  
Software A. Birman  
Hardware Design and Implementation C. A. Pickover  
Device Materials and Processes S. I. Raider  
Fundamental Science and Mathematics J. J. Ritsko and C. A. Pickover  
Blog: IBM Journal editors' notebook J. J. Ritsko, A. Birman, C. A. Pickover, S. I. Raider, and D. I. Seidman  

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