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Eclipse is an open universal platform for tool integration - an open extensible Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and an open source community. The Eclipse community creates royalty-free technology as a universal platform for tools integration. Eclipse-based tools give developers freedom of choice in a multi-language, multi-platform, multi-vendor supported environment supported by multiple vendors. The operating system platforms that Eclipse has been targeted to includes Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Mac OS. In addition, Eclipse provides a unique environment for members of the academic community to build new tools for teaching, research, and further growth of the Eclipse community.

IBM's eclipse Innovation Grant 2003
   IBM's eclipse Innovation Grant 2003 program provided funding for faculty members and researchers who lead projects that use the Eclipse open source code base for teaching or research, or to actively promote the growth of Eclipse user communities. Award recipients are also encouraged to share their infrastructure with the Eclipse community via the Eclipse open source project.

Eclipse News
arrow EclipseCon 2004 - February 2-5, 2004 Anaheim, CA
The Premiere Conference on Open Tools Development and Integration
arrow eTX workshop to be held at OOPSLA 2003 - Oct 27, Anaheim, CA 

  Eclipse Related Links
arrow eclipse Innovation Grants
  IBM announces the eclipse Innovation Award recipients for 2003
arrow IBM Scholars Program
  The IBM Scholars Program provides higher education institutions with convenient access to a comprehensive IBM software and middleware portfolio, servers and hubs, tutorials and other educational materials, and technical support.
arrow Eclipse Developer Community
  A source of information about Eclipse community activities including events, resources and links to project listings from around the community.
arrow Programming Languages and Software Engineering
In depth coverage of important contributions to the programming languages and software engineering areas at IBM Research.

  Research Projects
arrow eclipse Innovation Grant Projects
arrow IBM Research Projects
  • Fusion: Programming Environment for Business Rules
  • Gnosis: Refactoring for Generics and Concurrency
  • MathSHell: tools for Grid applications
  • Jazz: collaborative development
  • Stellation: advanced SCM for multi-site teams
  Debug / Test
  • Model-driven Incremental Test Generation
  • SABER: static analysis for J2EE defects
  • WebSight: Web Services visualization
  • Asset Locator
  • Mastery: Data Model Extraction from Legacy code
  • Porting Assessment, Remediation & Testing

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