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Jobs at IBM Research

We don't just invent. We innovate.

Researchers come to IBM to make an impact — on the industry and on the world. As the largest IT research organization, IBM Research enables IBM to produce more breakthroughs than any company in the industry, averaging 9.3 patents per day.

At IBM, you can collaborate with clients, universities and worldwide teams. You can work on multi-disciplinary projects that quickly lead to prototypes or long-term projects that last for years. Whatever you do, you will be in an environment that nurtures some of the most innovative and creative thinkers in the world.

What is progress?

New record in tape data density
IBMers answer the question in their own words…what does progress mean to you?

What are you working on?

What is progress? Video Thumbnail
Some IBMers describe in their own words how the projects they're working on are making progress.

Why Think?

What is progress? Video Thumbnail
A handful of IBMers answer a rather existential question.